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******************* Important Log On Instructions for E-branch ****************

Here are instructions for logging onto ebranch.
On the left hand side after the last button (contact us) you will see a drop down button that says e-branch click here.
Click there and it will take you to the correct log in screen.
It will ask you for your log in ID this is your account number. Click ok this will take you to your security code. You security code is your password that you previously used to log on to HFS.
This should take you to a screen that will ask you to input your current security code.
Then it will ask you to choose a new security code. The parameters are on the right hand side of the screen.
Once you have chosen a new security code it should take you to the home page of ebranch and you should see your account. You should see four tabs across the top
Account Overview   Account Access   Bill Pay   and    Self Service.
If you have anymore questions please call the Credit Union 619-475-4313