IRA accounts have recently gained popularity due to some new and exciting changes to the rules/requirements governing IRA accounts. PVFCU offers all types of IRA plans including the traditional, Roth and Educational IRA programs.

A traditional IRA program is an account that allows you to defer taxes on your earnings until you withdraw the funds. Based on your personal tax situation, you may receive a tax deduction for this type of deposit. You must start withdrawing funds once you reach 70 ½.

This is NEW IRA program is gaining popularity because the account allows all earnings to grow tax-free in this account and there is no age that you must start distributions from this account.  This IRA is not tax-deductible; however, it does offer some true advantages over a Traditional IRA program.  The Roth IRA has no required distribution, so if you do not need the funds you do not need to take any withdrawals from the program.

This IRA account allows you to save for upcoming educational expenses for your children.  The contribution is not tax-deductible.  Instead, earnings grow tax-free and you pay no taxes or penalties on the money withdrawn to pay for qualified higher education expenses, such as tuition, and fees, before the child reaches age 30.

Because these accounts have many different features and the deposits are based on your personal tax situation, please contact your consultant, accountant, or tax adviser before making any decisions.

  • Dividends are compounded & credited quarterly with a dividend period of a calendar quarter.
  • Balance Method – Average Daily Balance.
  • Minimum opening deposit is $50.
  • Minimum balance to earn the stated APY is $100.
  • Annual maintenance fee may apply; see fee schedule.
  • IRA accounts are insured by NCUA.

Savings Rates

Effective date: 4/01/2022

Savings $50 Minimum$50 Minimum0.03%0.03%QuarterlyDaily1
Impound AccountNo Minimum0.03%0.03%QuarterlyDaily2
Share Draft/CheckingNo Minimum0.01%0.01%MonthlyDaily3
Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)$100 – $4,9990.15%0.15%QuarterlyDaily4
Individual Retirement Account (IRA)$5,000 – $9,9990.15%0.15%QuarterlyDaily5
Individual Retirement Account (IRA)$10,000 – 24,9990.15%0.15%QuarterlyDaily6
Individual Retirement Account (IRA)$50,000 – $99,9990.15%0.15%QuarterlyDaily8
Individual Retirement Account (IRA)$25,000 – $49,9990.15%0.15%QuarterlyDaily7
Individual Retirement Account (IRA)$100,000 – Over0.15%0.15%QuarterlyDaily9

Additional Disclosures:

  • Rates expressed as Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
  • Dividend rate may change after member opens account.
  • Fees could reduce the earnings on account.
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