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Merry Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas 2020.

To say that this year has been challenging is an understatement. Between shelter in place, working from home and online school which can lead to Zoom fatigue, post-election stress and uncertainty over the future, it’s safe to say that we are all feeling some sort of anxiety. Life as we know it has been challenged and with the approaching holiday season, celebrating within COVID-19 limitations is a downer to many.

While some of the Holiday traditions might be affected by the new measures, we still need to prioritize the ones that matter most to us and the ones we can still practice safely. While we may feel as though there is nothing left for us to do, here are a few favourites that are still doable.

  • Cooking holiday dinner together as a family
  • Baking and sharing baked goods
  • Decorating and getting your home festive
  • Sending Christmas cards
  • Watching Christmas classics
  • Playing games
  • Hitting the outdoors; hiking, biking, or taking a scenic drive

While we may feel restricted due to COVID-19, there’s still a lot that we can enjoy. Let’s not forget all those little things

We should also practice gratitude! We should be thankful that pandemics are rare. While crisis do not feel good, they also bring the best out in people because they remind us of what is important and why. They also bring out lessons that otherwise we might not learn.

This year more than ever, expressing gratitude is essential. It will change our mindset about all the things we cannot do, to all the things we can do. It will also help us see that while some of our life’s plans and goals have been affected or put on hold, the fact that most of us are healthy, have a roof over our heads, have food and water and are surrounded by family and friends, that we are in fact okay…. All of which are reasons enough to celebrate and to be optimistic about the future.

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