Paradise Valley Federal Credit Union makes a conscience effort to approve all loan applications, taking into careful consideration the member’s credit history, security values and purpose for the loan. All loans must be for a provident and productive purpose

The members, whose money we are lending, are entitled to full protection of their investment and assurance that the loans will be repaid, guaranteeing a sound credit union operation.

Our loan program offers you a wide variety of loans to meet your needs. We believe that these programs offer you lower rates, better terms and greater flexibility than other financial institutions.

Do you already have an auto loan(s) elsewhere? You can still take advantage of our great low rates by refinancing with with your credit union. In most cases, we can reduce your current interest rate and give you a lower monthly payment.

Whatever your need for a loan, your credit union is the easy and sensible place to borrow. Moreover, with Payroll Deduction, you can enjoy the added convenience of having your loan payments made automatically.

Enjoy the convenience of applying for your loan by on-line, fax, or in person and close on your loan by mail, fax or courier. There’s no need to make a special trip into one of our offices! For additional information on a specific loan type, click on the links or call us.

The loan process is quick and easy. Once the application is completed and all necessary materials are obtained, a loan officer will review your application for approval or denial. The best part of our approval process is that we don’t use any type of scoring process. We look at each application individually and tailor a loan to your needs.