Fee Schedule

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Effective April 1, 2017 

Schedule of Fees
Membership / Savings
    minimum balance $50.00
    17 years and younger minimum balance$5.00
    more than 6 withdrawals in a month $0.50 each
Accounts closed within 90 days$10.00
Deposited or cashed checks returned$25.00 each
Redeposit return checks (minimum 5-business day hold) $25.00 each
Cashier’s check $10.00 each
Official checks (first 5 free per month)$5.00 each
Account inquiries by phone instead of using Access 24 program$1.00 each
Money Orders $1.25 each
    65 years of age and overNo Fee
Member large cash orders
    Under $20K, preorderedNo Fee
    Non-Scheduled cash order (when available)
    $10K $10.00
    $20K $20.00
    $30K $30.00
    Non-Member cashing CU checks
    $250 and under No Fee
    $251 to $1000$5.00 each
    $1001 to $2500$10.00 each
Notary Service
    member / 2 signaturesNo Fee
    additional signatures / non-members $10.00 each
Wire Transfers to another financial institution
    within the U.S.$20.00
Collection items - minimum $100$15.00 each
Collection - levy / liens$25.00
Over the counter printouts (current month) $2.00 Faxes
    within the U.S. $2.00 per page
    international $5.00 per page
Statement copies
    current month No Fee
    within 23 months$2.00
Invalid address research Quarterly $5.00
Research$25.00 per hour
Escheat / dormant accounts $5.00
Copies$1.00 each
UPS / FedEx / Express Mail Up to $40.00
Savings bond / redemption No Fee
Verification of Deposit$15.00
E-Branch - online banking FREE
E-Statements by email FREE
E-Pay - bill payFREE
Deposits - check holds apply No Fee
Check cashing - restrictions
proper ID required of payee / check holds apply
no government checks (Federal / State / City / County)
$10.00 each
Annual custodial fee$25.00
Rollover / transfer from PFVCU $20.00
Premature / non-qualified distribution$10.00
Monthly service fee
    $500 minimum balanceNo Fee
    balance falls below $500$7.50
    Statements No Fee
    Primary member - age 65 & older No Fee
    PVFCU Logo checks - 65 & overFREE
    business account $1500 min balanceNo Fee
    business accounts falls below $1500$10.00
Special Student Checkingask for details
Automatic overdraft transfers $1.00 each
Returned checks
    issued by member (insufficient funds) $25.00 each
    deposited by member $25.00 each
    redeposit check (5+ days hold)$25.00 each
Check paid by PVFCU
    qualifying account up to $300$25.00 each
Stop payment - checks / pre-authorized
    one item$20.00
    3 or more - consecutive$45.00
    Stop Payment Cancellation$10.00
Copies of cancelled checks
    previous 12 months $2.00 each
    over 12 months$5.00 each
    (+ research fee $25 per hour)
Temporary checks 4 checks per sheet$2.00 each
VISA Debit Check Card transactions*
*Third party fees may apply with some merchant & other ATM networks
No Fee
Overdrawn transactions $25.00
Automatic overdraft transfers $1.00 each
** Replacement cards / PIN mailer (request - requires member’s signature)$15.00 each
    rush order - card or PIN mailer
**Replacement cards per year
$30.00 each
Cards cancelled within 180 days of activation $20.00
ATM Return deposited checks$25.00 each
ATM Adjustments $15.00 each
Dispute cancellation $15.00 each
Annual fee $20.00
Per Cash advance fee ($10 nor greater than $200) 0.03
Late fee over 10 days25
Return check fee25
Auto equity loan documents 100
Loan extension agreement 25
Issue Lien Satisfied10
Line of credit advance5
ELECTRONIC PAYMENT from another financial institution: Checking3
Credit card3.00% plus $3.00
Return electronic payment 25

Schedule of Fees