Share or Certificate Rates

Share and/or Certificate Rates

Effective date: 02/01/2020

Share Certificates – $2,500 – $24,9993
Six months$2,500 minimum0.70%0.70%MonthlyDaily4
Twelve months$2,500 minimum1.00%1.01%MonthlyDaily5
Twenty-four months$2,500 minimum1.25%1.26%MonthlyDaily6
Thirty-six months$2,500 minimum1.50%1.51%MonthlyDaily7
Forty-eight months$2,500 minimum1.75%1.77%MonthlyDaily8
Share Certificates – $25,000 – $99,0009
Six months$25,000 minimum0.75%0.75%MonthlyDaily10
Twelve months$25,000 minimum1.00%1.01%MonthlyDaily11
Twenty-four months$25,000 minimum1.50%1.51%MonthlyDaily12
Thirty-six months$25,000 minimum1.75%1.77%MonthlyDaily13
Forty-eight months$25,000 minimum2.00%2.02%MonthlyDaily14
Share Certificates – $100,000+15
Six months$100,000 minimum0.75%0.75%MonthlyDaily16
Twelve months$100,000 minimum1.00%1.01%MonthlyDaily17
Twenty-four months$100,000 minimum1.50%1.51%MonthlyDaily18
Thirty-six months$100,000 minimum1.85%1.87%MonthlyDaily19
Forty-eight months$100,000 minimum2.00%2.02%MonthlyDaily20

Penalty for early withdrawal.

Rates are subject to change at renewal.

Annual percentage yield (APY) assumes that principal balance and earned interest will
remain on deposit for the term of the certificate.

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