About Us

Picture of Credit Union
For over 52 years we have offered members a smart alternative to banks and savings and loans. As a Credit Union, we are a distinctly different type of financial institution. For one, we are owned by members and operated for their benefit. Each member is a shareholder in the Credit Union. And through the election of a Board of Directors from among the shareholders, members have a voice in Credit Union policy.
Also, Credit Unions are chartered with the members who share a common bond of employment, association, or community. With this common bond in mind, we are able to fine-tune our services to answer our members specific needs.
And unlike banks and savings and loans, our prime motivation is not profits. It is service. Any Credit Union profits are given back to our members in the form of better-than-competitive loan rates, healthier savings interest, and more convenient services.
Other financial institutions may gamble on the stock market or dabble in foreign investment, but at Paradise Valley Federal Credit Union, we wisely invest our money in our members through loans for home improvements, personal lines of credit, new cars, and more.